Profiles – Aspiring Film Makers in Philadelphia

Social Media has become an enormous platform for people all over the world to showcase their talents, hobbies, and passion. People are able to create businesses, start blogs, sell products, all from the comfort of their own home. Social media allows us to transfer ideas from point A to point B in an efficient and effective way. University of Pittsburgh’s Albert Tanjaya is an aspiring filmmaker and found his passion for films and film making here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but his journey did not begin here.

Originally born in Malang, Indonesia, Tanjaya immigrated to the united stated at the age of three. He first moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but the idea of settling down was far from his mind. His family was constantly up and moving from place to place and from school to school. He eventually Moved to Philadelphia, where he spent most of his time, and eventually graduating and receiving his high school degree from Central High School of Philadelphia the 21st of June, 2016. He is currently studying at the University of Pittsburgh here in Pennsylvania.

According to Tanjaya, his passion for filmmaking began when he was in 7th grade where he was asked to participate in a project referred to as “National History Day”, and him and his partner created documentaries specific to certain historical events, and historical public figures. Fascinated by the research and editing aspect of the project, Tanjaya decided to continue his hobby for film making for the next 5 years, and if still currently working on this art form. Tanjaya has a focus in documentaries and is currently working on two or more projects for the Carnegie Film Festival which, according to its web page is to engage the Pittsburgh community with all-encompassing programming that promotes cultural exchange and expression, and through film, illuminates the local and global ethnic communities which seldom have opportunities to celebrate their artwork and culture on a large public scale. (For more information visit

Some of Tanjaya’s work can be viewed on YouTube where he, himself, uploaded some of his documentaries ( In years 2014, 2015, and 2015, Tanjaya’s work won a silver award. Although filmmaking began as a simple hobby for Tanjaya, it was not always fun and games. He had to go through trials and tribulations in order to achieve his personal goals. Some of the trials, according to Tanjaya, were scheduling interviews, getting reliable sources, the layout, and basic outline of the documentaries. He states that his overall goal is to spread knowledge and analyze how people react and interpret his work to form their own opinions.

Tanjaya’s optimistic outlook on things has propelled him forward in life, and when asked what advice he would give other aspiring filmmakers he stated:

“Make it unique. Put passion into it, people know low quality. Be creative and your goal is to make films for you. Criticism is good, but don’t let it get into your head. Filmmaking is for everyone. Whether it’s to tell a new story or retell history, it’s yours and it’s not like any other, so let it reflect who you are.”


Bryan Rios-Rodriguez


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