Independent Films in production in Philadelphia.

Quiet on set! Camera rolling? Slate. And action! These are the phrases that every director screams when he/she is ready to start filming. Filmmaking is a visual art form that heavily relies on the use of visual sets and or set designs to add a certain je ne sais quoi to the story. Philadelphia is no stranger to film. Philadelphia has been used for the film medium for decades. Philadelphia has a rich and diverse film history with big budget films such as Unbreakable, 12 Monkeys, and Rocky. These world famous films are part of the reason Philadelphia was put on the map as a prime city to shoot a feature film and or short film in. But what really gives Philadelphia its film flavor are the vibrant independent films. Two independent film companies, Average Superstar films, created by Loren Lepre, and The New In-crowd Films, created by Matthew Delia, are two examples of film studios based out of Philadelphia that use Philadelphia and its surrounding areas for locations.

Average Superstar films is an independent Film studio started by Loren Lepre in 2012. Lepre, an actor, writer and director, is in nearing the end of production on his horror film The Dark Military. The Dark Military is a film about a rogue group of mercenaries that go up against a group of teenagers on Halloween night. The teens, without anyway to contact for help, try to survive the night. The film takes inspirations from classics such as Friday the 13th, 24 and battle Royale and the Hunger Games. The film was in Pre-Production for upwards of two years with one and a half of them was making sure the script was solid.  The Dark Military utilized varying aspects of Philadelphia for its film which includes various streets in center city, city hall, and portions of the suburbs. The trailer for the film, which received upwards of two million views, is receiving a lot of attention and is sure to shine a light on the vibrancy of the Philadelphia area on film. Average Superstar films is currently planning their future slate of films in order to keep putting fresh and cutting edge content out onto the market. Average Superstar also has many film festivals that run during the year for other filmmakers to showcase their films, most of the contestants made their films in Philadelphia.

The New In-Crowd films, started by Matthew Delia in 2015, is another film company utilizing Philadelphia’s one of a kind locations. The studio is nearing the end of their production on the short film entitled Fall from Grace. The film is about a former all American pro farter named Joey Glutes recounting his last time competing in the gassy chamber against Freddy Flatulence for the crap call Championship. The film, directed by Matthew Delia, utilized locations in South Philadelphia as well as New Jersey. The New In-Crowd films is also starting production on their Marvel Comics Fan film. The fan film entitled Hero or Menace is a film following two Empire State University students living in the Marvel universe that, in order to finish a project for a journalism class, conduct man on the street style interviews in order to get the general public’s opinions of Spider-Man. Whether he is a hero or a menace. The students interview what they think are random New Yorkers but are really other super heroes and villains when they are in their civilian identities. The filming will take place primarily in center city Philadelphia including City Hall, various spots on Broad Street as well as locations in South Philadelphia. The film will also be traveling to film some shots in the state of New York, specifically New York City, near the flat Iron Building, Time square and Queens. The films will be submitted to various film festivals in Philadelphia and Nationally run film festivals.

These are just the tip of the ice berg. The Philadelphia area will be alive with film productions in the coming months and will be on showcase for the rest of the country to see. Let’s hope we put on a good show.

…..And Cut.


-Matt Delia


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